Booster Egg is a brand under Booster Farm Sdn Bhd, an egg products company based in Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia. Booster Farm aims to be a responsible, high-quality egg producer, with priority toward food & quality safety first.

Booster Egg, an organic selenium egg is produced by farms in Malaysia. We are a fully automated, modern, environmentally-friendly, bio-security farm. Our farm produces approximately 600,000 fresh eggs per day.

At Booster Farm, we focus on delivering high product quality, food safety and nutrition. Eggs are one of the indispensable foods every day. To allow people to have a healthy diet, our company has launched a new product- Booster Egg, a brand-new formula that uses the exclusive breeding technology in Malaysia by adding red pomegranate & beetroot. The effect of improving human immunity.

We use a specially formulated hen diet that includes natural corn, soy, and a variety of grains, rich in essential vitamins and minerals, and a new formula of red pomegranate & beetroot to ensure our eggs provide high-quality nutrition, super quality value for money. They are also healthier, rich in nutrition, hormone-free, and 100% suitable for vegetarians.

“Booster Farm Sdn Bhd” We hope not only to check food safety for consumers in the future but also to share egg knowledge with egg powder directly through the market so that more people can taste the deliciousness of Booster Egg.

Booster Farm produces table eggs from a new and modern layer farm.

Booster Egg is the first organic selenium egg in Malaysia by using our unique feeding formula including pomegranate and beetroot. Booster Egg lay by our healthy hens and comes with yellowish-orange yolks.

Our eggs are produced on clean, healthy, and environmentally friendly farms and 100% vegetarian-fed without the use of animal by-products, just the grains & nutrients that chickens love.

We know that we will supply the best quality eggs to our customers and could meet consumers’ demands and serve better.